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Article by Ginny Cryer Cryer on in News Family Thoughts

Every church member, every evangelist, every Christian has to make their own decision about the question “Shall we modify the truth in doctrine or practice to gain more adherents? Or shall we preserve the truth in doctrine and practice and take the consequences?”

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Let us anticipate the beginning of much better things in the years ahead

Article by Ginny Cryer Cryer on in Family Thoughts

Christmas is also a reminder that we are to be prepared for the arrival of the King who may be coming soon. Tragically, we cannot but notice the rise of a compromising church (as opposed to a ‘confessing church’, Bonhoeffer) but let us understand this as part of the prophesied birth-pangs of the consummation of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Let us not worry about the end of all things but anticipate the beginning of much better things in the years ahead.  

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We believe we are to be very wise as to which battles we are individually called to fight. These battles will be different for each one of us and it has never been more important for us all to inquire of the Lord for our own circumstances and vision. We must not, as followers of Jesus, enter a battle unless we know that God is on our side. If He is, then He will fight for us. It is His vision that is important – not ours.

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This is a day of prayer for the Prime Minister, Brexit, the unity of the UK – and especially in this 500th anniversary year of the Reformation – prayer for the UK to turn back to God and the Bible. Join us on
Friday 8 September 2017 10.30am-8.00pmat Emmanuel Centre, Marsham St, Westminster SW1P 3DW

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