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What We See Happening

As we chat to many of you, we are all agreeing that one of our greatest challenges is to not fall back into old mindsets which can appear both sensible and familiar! Indeed, rather than relying on our old training, we are learning to wait and ask Jesus for His answers. In this way, we find ourselves on such an exciting journey as we seek what seems good to the Holy Spirit and to us all as we take corporate responsibility.

We believe we are to be very wise as to which battles we are individually called to fight. These battles will be different for each one of us and it has never been more important for us all to inquire of the Lord for our own circumstances and vision. We must not, as followers of Jesus, enter a battle unless we know that God is on our side. If He is, then He will fight for us. It is His vision that is important – not ours.

Perhaps you can tell I am reading Jeremiah at the moment and I feel strongly that this is not a time for compromise! It is not a question of which church we go to; there is only one Church and it is a holy, uncompromising Church which fears Her Lord, wants to walk in obedience and holiness and is determined to follow His ways. Not much is said on the airwaves about picking up our cross every day as we live in an increasingly alien environment (Hebrews 13:12-15). However, for His Church, this will be a reality. If it isn’t for us, then maybe we need to ask our Abba for a bit of a checkup!

I feel strongly about this – here is the nub: Our heavenly Dad is a wonderful Dad and a Holy, just God, preparing a holy people, a royal priesthood. Intimacy and Holiness are both necessary signposts to our safe destination. Compromise just keeps us in a lay-by. Don’t let’s be lukewarm (cool); rather let us be hot – let us be awesome!

Being Known For What We Stand For, Not Against

In this time when the Church needs to take a stand, we have had some requests to sign various petitions etc. To be honest we personally feel that each of us needs to be led by the Lord as to what to make a public stand on – or not. Our guideline is to be known for what we are for, not for what we are against.

In recent years perhaps there has never been a more apt time to be alert and awake than this. I loathe to say it but I do feel that we are coming into a time when, if it were possible, even the elect might be deceived. If this is true, then we need one another and our mutual vulnerability more than ever before.