Culture Changes - wanting everyone to have an encounter with our good God

Let us anticipate the beginning of much better things in the years ahead

Article by Ginny Cryer Cryer on in Family Thoughts

This comes with our love and the hopes that you have a very “Happy Christmas”. We see Christmas as a wonderful celebration of God’s love for us all and a time of great joy. Yes, the traditional date for Christmas does have pagan origins but surely we are free to redeem that date and use it to celebrate God’s love for the world – and thoroughly enjoy it too!  While Christmas was not part of God’s original cycle of feasts, there is good biblical precedent for adding new holidays to celebrate the great works of God and why not?  Obviously, everyone must follow their own conscience, but personally, we have found Christmas to be a wonderful family time of thanksgiving to God. A time to celebrate together not only the birth of our King but the life Jesus brings to us all year round.

Christmas is also a reminder that we are to be prepared for the arrival of the King who may be coming soon. Tragically, we cannot but notice the rise of a compromising church, as opposed to a ‘confessing church’( Bonhoeffer) but let us understand this as part of the prophesied birth-pangs of the consummation of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Let us not worry about the end of all things but anticipate the beginning of much better things in the years ahead.