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Article by Jonathan Bugden Cryer on in News Family Thoughts

Resolution for 2018

Let’s Be Real and Let’s Be Honest – Jonathan Bugden
Resolution for 2018

Is your faith founded on a book or a person? 

It’s vital that as 21st-century followers of Jesus, we are able to translate intellectual biblical information into vibrant heart beliefs. It’s catastrophic that we, through the intellectualizing of the Bible, have alienated ourselves from the power of God which springs from our spirit. We can answer questions (some of us are brilliant at it) but do we have power? We know how it should work, but are perplexed when it doesn’t work.

Form without power? What’s the point?                                             

In the absence of real power, we often fall into the trap of creating more rules, methods and programmes which simply lead, sooner or later, to yet more frustration, failure and rules (echoes of the Pharisees?). We are bombarded and overloaded with information but lacking in God-given and life-transforming power. We don’t change (at least not on the inside which is what counts) through our own effort but by experiencing transformation through God’s power which leads us to become more and more the person He created us to be. This is a ‘master key’ and it’s within the reach of everyone! Research clearly indicates that nothing is more destructive to our self-worth than attempting to become who we are not. Our efforts to “become” reaffirm the realisation that I am not!

Let’s all stop trying to become who we are not! 

We are to joyfully yield to who we really are in Jesus:

  • Out of the Godhead’s heart of love came the unique expression of their creativity and character that is you!
  • We weren’t just fearfully and wonderfully made physically but spiritually too.                       
  • Transformation under our own power is impossible, but it is 100% possible when we rest in His power.

This is not something that is based in willpower to achieve behavioural modification and therefore is not a set up for failure. 

God’s power and ability, is given to us freely. Having been made righteous in Jesus, we have peace based on every need being met and intimacy between us and God. As we learn to connect with God from our spirits we also connect with His grace.       

Until the resurrected life is experienced in our spirit it is only powerless information.

We have no need to acquire because we already have. 
We don’t need to perform because we are righteous.
We don’t depend on our strength because we have His.
It’s time to say it as it is.

No ‘Emperor’s clothes’ anymore! If you lack anything then ask God for it.