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Article by Ginny Cryer Cryer on in News Family Thoughts

Contend Or Compromise

Many of us have never been more aware of our need to contend and not compromise. When we adapt His truth to make His ways more attractive and palatable to those who don’t yet know Him, we are guilty of robbing His word of its power. Tozer made this point when he wrote,

Every church member, every evangelist, every Christian has to make their own decision about the question “Shall we modify the truth in doctrine or practice to gain more adherents? Or shall we preserve the truth in doctrine and practice and take the consequences?”

If the decision is that we modify the truth and practice of the Church, then we are responsible for the consequences, whatever they may be. God already knows what the consequences are, and history has shown what they are. But if we choose to preserve the truth, then God accepts the responsibility.” (Rut, Rot or Revival, A.W. Tozer).
 May we all aim to live according to the high standards of His word not the low standards of this world. “When we rationalise and justify sin, rather than preaching the biblical truth that sin leads to death, then we allow people to continue living in the condition that puts their eternal life in jeopardy. It will not be a good thing on the Judgment Day to be a teacher who has done this.
To rationalise or marginalise sin is to blur the only path to life and reconciliation to God, which is repentance and salvation provided by God through the cross of His Son. Therefore, warning about the consequences of sin is the only true mercy and compassion.
Keep in mind that the first lie of Satan was intended to get Adam and Eve to doubt the clear Word of God. This is still his most effective strategy against God’s people. Do not doubt the Word of God, even about uncomfortable subjects such as God’s judgments and His wrath. To start compromising the Word of God is to do what Adam and Eve did—fall and start down the path of death” – Rick Joyner